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University of the Arts London - London College Of Communication, Photography MA with Distinction.

Hong-Ik University, Graduate School of Industrial Art,M.F.A. in Photographic Design.

Kyung-sung​ University, Photography, BA




Solo Exhibitions

2023     "Parallel Depth" Hongti art center, Busan

2022     "Image of unimage" 523 KunstDoc, Busan

2022     "Unproductive production" Bukguart studio,  Ulsan

2021     "We don't belong here"  Communal table, Busan

2018     "Collections of nothing" France Art space, Busan

2017     "Way to home" Gallery space opt, Seoul

2012     “Nowhereman” Gallery NUDA, Daejeon


2012     “My Sweet Home”, Gana Art Space, Seoul




Selected Group Exhibitions

2023       " There was, but there isn't"  F1963, Busan

2023       " Sticky Floor2 : What we believe"  Space Heem, Busan

2023       " Semi art community project : Boogie woogie art museum"  Ulsan art Museum, Ulsan


2023       " Living Scene"  Space sarangfarm, Gimhae

2022       " Semi art community project : Boogie woogie art museum"  Ulsan art Museum, Ulsan

2022       " An exhibition with little information"   Museum of Contemporary Art Busan,  Busan

2022       " Nice to meet u"   bukguart studio, Ulsan

2021       " Communication in the pandemic era : Everyone has their own garden",  Artweek 2021 (Digital exhibition)

2020       " Wonderful days for everyone", Seoul Library,  Seoul

2020       " Survival Report", Suchang Youth mansion, Daegu

2018       " Busansarang young artist project", Gallery Eulsukdo, Busan

2017       " IMPERFECT", Swim good, Busan

2017       " 2017 Yeosu International Art Festival ", EXPO Ocean Park, Yeosu

2015       " Somewhere in the Balance ", Houston Center for Photography, Houston 


2015       " ______ in the Room ", V Art Center, Shanghai 


2015       " Family ", Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae


2015       Part of "Art Catlin Guide 2015"  at Business design centre, London


2014       "MA photography 2014 show", London College of Communication, London


2014       "LensCulture Emerging Talents2014" , Valid Foto, Barcelona


2014       "Peaches & Cream Ⅳ", Dreamspace gallery, London


2014         “Exhibition Evenings”, House Gallery, London


2012        “Just a Normal Person”, Hanbit Media, Gallery, Seoul


2012        “PHOTO FAIR 2012”, COEX, Seoul


2011        “POST-PHOTO 9th”, KWANHOON Gallery, Seoul


2011        “Alice Through the Looking-Glass”, GALLERY BODA CONTEMPORARY, Seoul




2010        “POST-PHOTO 8th “, TOPOHAUS, Seoul


2005        “Commercial Photograph Exhibition”,  Kyung-Sung University Gallery, Busan


2004        “Actuality”, Kyung-Sung University Gallery, Busan





Awards & Selected


2023         Ulsan Art Museum, Face_to_Face_to_Face project 'selected artist'

2022         Busan Culture and Arts Support Project, outstanding art support 'selected artist'  ,Busan Cultural Foundation


2020         Local culture characterization supporting project 'selected artist'  ,Busan Cultural Foundation

2018         Local culture characterization supporting project 'selected artist'  ,Busan Cultural Foundation

2018         Busansarang  'selected young artist'

2017         The 2nd Space  Opt art competition 'selected artist' 

2015         Art Catlin “Emerging Artist 2015”  selected, UK


2014         Commendation, The MACK Award 2014


2014         2nd prize ,IPA -International Photography award 2014


2014          Honorable Mention ,IPA -International Photography award 2014


2014         Silver Award - PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Photography Awards, Fine Art  category


2014         LensCulture  emerging talent awards 2014


2014         Finalist  Peaches & Cream Ⅳ







2015        The Catlin Guide 2015 New Artists in the UK ,Catlin Holdings Limited , p.24


2013        Sunyoung Park ,Paranoid Android, STUDIO 24 magazine, Studio 24 press, p.40


2013        Miri Jo, The Photographer's, MONTHLY PHOTO, Monthly Photo press, Vol. 545, p.80






2023         Hongti art center

2022         Ulsan Bukgu art studio



Museum of Contemporary Art Busan 

Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea  ​

Goeun Museum of Photography, Korea

Private collection, Singapore

Private collection, Korea








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